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TMYTEK | NI mmW-SDR Solution Webinar

TMYTEK and NI join to provide a ready-to-use rapid millimeter-wave prototyping solution that integrate TMYTEK BBox 5G beamformers and UD Box 5G frequency converter with NI Ettus USRP X410. This testbed enables the full potential of wireless research in 5G, SATCOM, radar, and Joint Communication and Radar Sensing (JCRS).

Specific topics include:
TMYTEK mmWave platform features based on SDR/X410
How to do beam steering, transmit and analyze 5G NR mmWave
Case studies for mmWave antenna design and tracking algorithm validation applications

Webinar Date: June 20, 2023, at 10 am CEST

NI Test Workflow

Test Workflow is a bundle of select NI software featuring engineering-specific tools that help test professionals accomplish anything from their day-to-day work to overcoming their most challenging obstacles.

What can you do with Test Workflow?

• Validate a design assumption or new component with quick data and interactive analysis. Send a PDF report and spreadsheet to the team for review.
• Build an automated test system for repetitive tests such as performance benchmarks, design characterization, and firmware tests.
• Deploy your code to a dozen stations and monitor test status from anywhere with a network connection and more!