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Software Defined Test & Measurement

With the rapid inflection of technology in today's modern industrial products - software-defined automated test & measurement solutions based on the PXI modular platform & supporting modern software paradigms - are essential to keep up with the complexity of test, reduced budgets and project times by re-using test IP, assets and allowing for future upgradeability.

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Data Acquisition & Control Systems

Data Acquisition & Control Systems form the basis of many modern measurement, instrumentation and online-monitoring systems with a combination of electrical, physical, industrial measurement capabilities. 

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Transportation & Mobility

We enable the Transportation Vision Zero mission, by offering solutions built on open, flexible, modular Test & Measurement platforms, programmable with the leading design and test software tools.  With our solutions we allow the seamless integration of simulation and analytics in design and test workflows – a necessary element of achieving Autonomy through ADAS systems development.

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Aerospace, Defense & Government

We provide solutions on open, flexible, modular, off-the-shelf platforms for greater automation, digitization, use of outsourcing, and improved asset management. Embracing Digital Transformation, we help our customers in this industry deliver their operational vision of high reliability, reduced and managed risk, improved efficiency and cost reduction.

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Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is an aspect of multiphysics system analysis that simulates the behavior of fluids and their thermodynamic properties using numerical models. Cadence Fidelity CFD software is used in today’s design processes, such as propulsion, aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, and combustion, to improve and increase the efficiency of products without relying on time-consuming and expensive physical testing. Over the last decade, tools and methods have been constantly improved to increase productivity and reduce time to results.

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Industrial Automation

Reduce uncertainty in complex processes, improve product consistency and quality control, reduce labor costs and boost overall productivity with our control solutions.

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Academic & Research

We empower Academic and Research institutions with cutting-edge engineering platforms, vibrant ecosystems, comprehensive curriculum materials, and practical code examples. By fostering collaboration between academia and industry, we facilitate hands-on learning, facilitate the development of advanced research testbeds, and nurture the engineers of tomorrow who are in high demand.

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