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We Expanded!

Yotta Volt signed an agreement with NI to expand its distribution coverage. We are now servicing 17 countries across Central-Eastern Europe, including Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Greece and Cyprus.

Automated Test & Measurement Solutions

We provide test automation and measurement automation solutions for engineers and research scientists, for industries that include automotive, semiconductor, electronics, wireless communications, energy, aerospace & defense, mining, rail & marine and a wide range of applications that cover machine vision, condition monitoring, electromagnetic compliance testing, RF & 5G, hardware in the loop, circuit design, embedded systems, robotics, structural monitoring, manufacturing automation and many more.

We are a long trusted partner of NI and distribute NI’s solutions in 17 countries, in the Central-Eastern part of Europe.

Remote Labs

The COVID-19 pandemic brought attention to remote learning. If you are interested in remote labs, we have the perfect solution!

Laboratories Anywhere

Deliver Engineering Courses Online with Digilent Educational Tools

Calibration Services

Now we offer multiple options of calibration (on/off site, ISO or DAkkS Accreditation) for your instrumentation. Search our database of more than 34'000 models that covers over 95% of the existing instruments!


We offer a comprehensive range of in-classroom and remote labs for engineering and science, complete with curriculum and teaching methods for teaching, research and on-the-job training.



We compliment our products with services that include training, calibration and  repairs. Our network of developers can  deliver turn-key solutions to maximize productivity and reduce your costs. 

Our Customers

Since 2005, we built a long list of happy customers in a number of industries like automotive, electronics & semiconductor, aerospace and defense, academia and research, marine and rail transportation, telecommunications, energy and water utilities, mining and cement etc., ranging from large multinationals to small businesses.