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Mechatronics & Robotics

QUBE – Servo 2

The Quanser QUBE™-Servo 2 is a fully integrated, modular servomotor lab experiment designed for teaching mechatronics and control concepts at the undergraduate level.

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Quanser AERO

The Quanser AERO is a fully integrated dual-motor lab experiment, designed for advanced control research and aerospace applications, that can also be used for teaching control concepts at the undergraduate level.

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2 DOF Inverted Pendulum/Gantry

The 2 DOF Inverted Pendulum/Gantry module is ideal to introduce more advanced principles of robotics. You can use it to demonstrate real-world control challenges encountered in aerospace engineering applications, such as rocket stabilization during takeoff.

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Coupled Tanks

The Coupled Tanks system is a process control experiment ideal for teaching and research of control topics related to liquid level control.

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Quanser’s QArm is a 4 DOF serial robotic manipulator with a tendon-based two-stage gripper and an RGBD camera, designed for modern engineering education and academic research applications. Leveraging the intuitive graphical interface of Simulink® or expandability of Python™ and ROS, students get a systematic understanding of the design of robotic systems and concepts, including joint control, kinematics, path planning, statics, and dynamics.

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QBot 3

The Quanser QBot 3 is an innovative open-architecture autonomous ground robot, built on a 2-wheel mobile platform. Equipped with built-in sensors, a vision system, and accompanied by extensive courseware, the QBot 3 is ideally suited for teaching undergraduate and advanced robotics and mechatronics courses.

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