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NI TestScale - New Instrumentation Platform for Electronics Functional Test

Designed to be deployed inside the fixture, TestScale offers production engineers a cost-efficient, small, modular, COTS instrumentation solution for higher volume, lower test coverage applications.

Learn how this new hardware platform can provide significant improvements to maintenance processes as well as save you up to 50% on capital station costs due to its unique, industry-first design.

NI Test Workflow

Test Workflow is a bundle of select NI software featuring engineering-specific tools that help test professionals accomplish anything from their day-to-day work to overcoming their most challenging obstacles.

What can you do with Test Workflow?

• Validate a design assumption or new component with quick data and interactive analysis. Send a PDF report and spreadsheet to the team for review.
• Build an automated test system for repetitive tests such as performance benchmarks, design characterization, and firmware tests.
• Deploy your code to a dozen stations and monitor test status from anywhere with a network connection and more!