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Transportation & Mobility

We enable the Transportation Vision Zero mission, by offering solutions built on open, flexible, modular Test & Measurement platforms, programmable with the leading design and test software tools.  With our solutions we allow the seamless integration of simulation and analytics in design and test workflows – a necessary element of achieving Autonomy through ADAS systems development.

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Vehicle Physical Measurement Bundles: Features, Software, and Apps


ADAS and Autonomous Driving Validation Test

The NI toolchain and systems quickly adapt to and future-proof your validation process. We connect you with subject matter experts, ideas, and technology in testing, simulation, cloud computing, IT infrastructure and more to create solutions that meet and exceed quality standards within the disruptive active safety domain. By combining our strengths with those of trusted third-party experts, we work with you to build a connected ADAS and AD validation workflow to get your vehicles to market faster.

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Electric Drive Testing

In a race against time and budgets, engineering teams are trying to accelerate the transportation transformation to design the next generation of motors and inverters that will drive the cars of tomorrow. Read about how FPGA based simulation can accelerate the V&V process. 

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Functional Test of Automotive ECUs

While ADAS systems get most of the attention because of the ‘new’ element, vehicles are incorporating ever more ECU units with new functionality in their vehicles. Having a functional end-of-line test solution that is cost effective, scalable and re-uses IP throughout the whole design process is a crucial component of quality for manufacturing ECUs.  

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Electric Vehicle & Battery Testing

Few areas in the world of clean energy are more dynamic than the electric vehicle (EV) market. The market is growing remarkably fast as targets for CO2 emissions play an essential role in the ongoing global low-carbon transition. However, despite the many technological advancements, there are still significant obstacles to overcome regarding reliability, range, and usability. From a testing and certification perspective, EVs bring together two previously separate worlds at Gantner Instruments, automotive and renewable energy, resulting in an industry-leading data acquisition solution for testing battery packs, inverters, and electric motors.

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OPAL-RT & NI Success Story

In one of Canada's most ambitious Electric Vehicle infrastructure projects, the University of Toronto’s Centre for Applied Power Electronics (CAPE) partnered with energy storage company eCAMION to build a DC Fast-Charging System (DCFCS) for EV charging stations on the Trans-Canada Highway, one of the world’s longest highways. The engineering team’s use of OPAL-RT’s FPGA-Based Power Electronics Toolbox (eHS) expedited the development process, lowered the development costs and reduced the safety risks inherent in developing the systems at high voltage and currents.

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Automotive Test Solutions

GW power supplies provide effective verification solutions for R&D and quality assurance units in LED headlights, ECU, wiper motors, power windows, car audio, GPS, chargers and other automotive electronic products.

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Explore a variety of resources developed by industry experts, including whitepapers, case studies, application notes and more.

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