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We empower Academic and Research institutions with cutting-edge engineering platforms, vibrant ecosystems, comprehensive curriculum materials, and practical code examples. By fostering collaboration between academia and industry, we facilitate hands-on learning, facilitate the development of advanced research testbeds, and nurture the engineers of tomorrow who are in high demand.

liquid instruments yotta volt webinar

Yotta Volt - Liquid Instruments Webinar

Software-defined test: An easier way to automate and validate


Teaching Wireless Communications

Bring experiential learning to communications by providing visibility of real-world signals to help students understand abstract theory while preparing them for research and emerging trends like 5G. By introducing hands-on communications engineering earlier to undergraduate students, you can build experiences that connect the teaching lab to research and industry.

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Teaching Circuits, Measurement and Instrumentation

As the University of Manchester evaluated the causes of its low student scores as part of the UK National survey, it decided to make large investments in rebuilding its Laboratories to offer leading edge practical experience in circuits design, measurement, instrumentation and project based work for engineering. The result was being propelled to a 1st place rank in terms of UK Electrical Engineering programs.

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Transform Robotics Education and Research with the newly released Quanser Mobile Robotics Lab

The Quanser Mobile Robotics Lab stands as academia’s most comprehensive turnkey mobile robotics lab offering, designed to enhance engineering education, research, and outreach in robotics. This lab provides everything required to run a Mobile Robotics Program and stay ahead of emerging trends in the dynamic field of robotics, offering an innovative module that enhances existing Robotic Labs, facilitating an effortless extension of your robotic exploration and education. It brings a full complement of advanced sensors, a powerful NVIDIA GPU for applied AI, customizable electromechanical interfaces perfect for project-based learning, and an even more capable iteration of our open-architecture software frameworks for systems-level applications of introductory and advanced mobile robotics concepts. 

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Teaching Controls Engineering

Quanser is a leader in controls engineering software, hardware and curriculum materials. The QUBE servo motor should be a stable baseline to solidify advanced control theory concepts in a very practical way. Learn how to use the QUBE for teaching control systems.

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Using Platforms for Project Based Learning

Get an overview of the WHY lab at New Mexico University that enables student to explore engineering project work and research interests in an environment that fosters creativity, exploration and learning in a practical way.

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Teaching Autonomous Systems in Engineering in a Hands-on Way

As Autonomous Systems become the latest trend in modern engineering, they raise numerous new challenges as control systems, sensing, actuation, data, training and neural networks come into play. Quanser’s Self-Driving Studio provides a comprehensive platform for teaching the necessary concepts related to Autonomous Systems.

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Teaching Power Systems Engineering

TecQuipment is a leading vendor in large laboratories for practical instruction. Their solutions for teaching all aspects of power generation, transmission and consumption together with key principles of power electronics are used throughout the world.

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Energy Research

Opal-RT, as a world leader in high energy power systems simulation, emulation, measurement and testing – offers advanced technologies for conducting power generation or micro-grid research.

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mmWave Antenna-in-Package Solution

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Emona Net*TIMS – Hardware For Online Telecoms Lab Experiments

Emona net TIMS offers real TIMS hardware experiments delivered online simultaneously to multiple students across LAN & Internet in real-time. The ‘hands-on’ approach builds student confidence and makes the experiment satisfying as the students are free to explore and learn by making mistakes. When they explore more, they learn more.

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Solutions for Telecommunications & Electronics Teaching

TIMS’s modular approach offers instructors unlimited versatility and expandability, as the range of ADVANCED MODULES is constantly being expanded to include the latest in telecommunications theories like Wireless communications, OFDM, Radar & signals & systems areas. Instructors can also utilise the ‘Open Ended’ nature of TIMS by adding their own custom designed modules to demonstrate aspects of telecommunications in their sphere of interest.

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Explore a variety of resources developed by industry experts, including whitepapers, case studies, application notes and more.

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