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Gantner Instruments Flyer – GI.bench

The GI.bench software platform combines faster test setups, project configuration and handling, as well as visualization of data streams in one digital workbench.

It enables you to configure, execute and analyze your measurement and test tasks on the fly. Access live and historical measurements data anywhere.

With GI.bench’s UI design, experience the difference in accessing high-availability measurement data, anywhere. Witness the power of the new features in action with our Microphone demo.

To optimize your testing and monitoring projects, GI.bench now includes an Oscilloscope widget with sin and rectangle wave functions and new FFT Chart. Enhance your data analysis with the Statistics view in the marker window. Access historical sources from a dedicated tree and view live data with a click. These features of GI.bench enable you to configure, execute, and analyze your testing and monitoring projects more efficiently.

Gantner Instruments Flyer – GI.bench