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We are proudly announcing our new partnership with Liquid Instruments!

Liquid Instruments enables scientists, engineers, and students to acquire data, generate signals, and control their experiment through modern, software-defined test and measurement solutions that provide advanced capabilities, a great user experience, and custom programmability for maximum flexibility and performance in a range of applications. The company’s flagship product, Moku:Pro, integrates more than a dozen distinct, high-precision instruments into a single, compact hardware device.

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Gain unprecedented flexibility with a reconfigurable FPGA

All Moku devices harness the incredible power of a field-programmable gate array (FPGA). This means instant reconfiguration into any instrument you need. Seamlessly switch between instruments with software compatibility for Windows, macOS, and iPadOS applications. Plus, embrace the limitless possibilities with API integrations for Python, MATLAB, and LabVIEW.

Thanks to a highly intuitive software interface, each Moku instrument is easy to use. When you need to build a complete test system, Moku allows you to use up to four instruments simultaneously in Multi-instrument Mode, deploy VHDL code to create custom instruments, or use AI tools like ChatGPT to write code for you.

An entire suite of software-defined test instruments in one device

Experience the power and convenience of the Moku product family, which consists of three all-in-one hardware options — Moku:Pro, Moku:Lab, and Moku:Go — that offer up to 13 software-defined instruments in one device. From essential tools like oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers to advanced tools like lock-in amplifiers and laser lock boxes, Moku products offer an entire test bench at a fraction of the cost. Best of all, Moku is built around upgradable software that gets more powerful with every new release, which allows you to invest in one tool for maximum longevity and functionality across multiple experiments.

Through this exciting partnership, we expand our portfolio of solutions, always focusing on innovation and quality!

Learn more about Liquid Instruments!