Water Engineering

Training Systems Related to Water Engineering




The automated irrigation system is a complete SCADA system, which is developed using industry standard hardware, software and communication modules.

The system is mainly based on National Instrument’s technologies, particularly using NI CompactRIO, Single Board RIO, NI RMC hardware and LabVIEW software. There can be as many Weather Stations as needed. Each cRIO-100 and sbRIO-200 RTUs can be connected to one of any Weather Stations as per the configuration of the operator.



When it comes to measure the water flow in high-pressure pipelines, the traditional flow measurement mechanisms are no longer applicable.
The existing mechanisms for high-pressure water flow measurement have many drawbacks and limit their usage in various applications.
The offered water flow measurement system is designed to address all the needs of high-pressure water flow measurement applications, and avoid all the drawbacks existing in traditional mechanisms.
The offered solution can be used in hydropower plants and pumping stations.



HPP automation system is a SCADA system which makes it possible to control and monitor the operations of the HPPs at any level. The system is fully distributed and combines state of the art industrial technology hardware and software.
The system is mainly based on National Instrument’s industry standard hardware and software technology.
The system architecture is very flexible in terms of software and hardware expansion. The system is compatible with any communication media like 3G, 4G, fiber optic, radio, etc.




The Smart Water System is made up of smart nodes distributed over the entire water network, plus the GIS-based SCADA which provides overall control over the entire infrastructure. The system is a “Smart Grid” idea incorporated into water infrastructure. This is a new and innovative way of making the use of water resources more optimal and secure.