Thinkscape Labs

Hosted engineering labs based on the National Instruments academic platform.

NI Elvis Based Engineering Labs

Remote labs, based on real, remote operated hardware and online measurement and simulation software platforms, by National Instruments:

  • Interactive labs that complement the course theory and emphasize on projects.
  • Experiments performed on real hardware that can be shared among different laboratories, departments or schools.
  • Based on standard software platforms such as LabVIEW and Multisim with support for C and Python.
  • Rich library of complete course curricula.
  • Ready to use labs with the option to localize and modify.
  • Web-based, with multimedia support, with support for Windows, Mac, IOS and Android devices.


Open Architecture

A flexible, open architecture that sets your lab instantly and offers many options for customizing your lab.

  • Use of National Instruments’ online measurement and simulation software platforms, Multisim Live and Measurements Live.
  • Hosted solution for easy installation and management, without the need for IT administration.
  • Modest internet connection speed requirements.
  • Allows for the integration of existing equipment and connection to the school LMS.

Thinkscape for NI Elvis III

Thinkscape is an online education platform designed to facilitate an interactive and engaging learning experience. In partnership with National Instruments, Thinkscape delivers online curriculum, which supports the use of National Instruments hardware and software while teaching core engineering concepts. Each Thinkscape lab provides step-by-step instructions, multimedia, and assessments to give students a supported learning experience.

Thinkscape is a hosted solution that enables 24/7 student access, offering a curriculum library that can be localized and adapted to the instructor’s requirements. Student reports, grading and course statistics make Thinkscape your ideal platform for teaching engineering labs remotely.

Multisim Live

Multisim Live is a browser-based circuit simulator built on the same powerful SPICE engine as Multisim. It can be accessed anywhere, on any device. It offers easy transition from theory to practical engineering with full hardware integration to directly compare theory to experiment and easily deploy digital designs to FPGA

Built-in instruments give precise control and insight into any simulated circuits. Choose from scopes, function generator, digital multimeter, bode plotter, and more. Interactive measurements allow changes to circuit parameters while simulation is running.

Measurements Live

With Measurements Live you can access all the NI ELVIS instruments in a modern web-based environment and get your first measurement faster. It is a central hub for configuring and taking measurements from your ELVIS device, whether it is connected to your computer or remotely.

Customized to Your Needs

We can help you build an immersive learning experience by providing a comprehensive portfolio of products and services to build and customize your interactive remote labs:


  • lab equipment & software
  • curriculum localization & adaptation
  • teaching content development
  • training the instructors
  • integration of existing equipment
  • interface to your LMS
  • lab cloud hosting
  • consulting to design your lab program