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EV Maritime - Decarbonizing the Harbors of the World with Electric Ferries Designed with Fine Marine

Auckland, New Zealand’s EV Maritime is not just developing high-performance electric boats; they are looking to help cities transform their transport systems, providing cleaner and more efficient mass transit options to help us all out of our private vehicles and into active and public transport. These days, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation is the fastest, most accurate, and most powerful tool to explore design variations for efficient hull shapes. EV Maritime chose Cadence's Fine Marine for their CFD simulations because they trust Cadence's results above others when it comes to modeling the surface wave effects that are critical to their vessels.

Renault Reduces CO2 Emissions Using Cadence CFD Technology

In response to the huge environmental pressure to reduce CO2 emissions, Renault pushes to optimize the efficiency of every component of their vehicles to the maximum. Alain Lefebvre, Fluid Systems Simulation Expert at Renault, explains why they use Cadence CFD for the optimization of pumps, turbochargers, fans, and more. They work on all available energy solutions on the market: internal combustion engines, hybrid engines and electric vehicles.