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Block Diagram Approach

Today’s formal telecommunications coursework and texts use the ‘Block Diagram’ as the standard notation to describe techniques of modulation and demodulation. The individual blocks that make up such diagrams usually represent basic electronic circuit functions such as oscillators, filters, adders, multipliers, etc.

In TIMS, these individual blocks are implemented as plug-in and fixed modules. All plug-in modules are hot-swappable and inputs/outputs are protected.

Modules are patched together according to a block diagram, modelling mathematical equations through to complete communications systems. The performance of the TIMS model will closely match ‘textbook’ theory.

TIMS is Customisable

The TIMS’s modular approach offers instructors unlimited versatility and expandability, as the range of ADVANCED MODULES is constantly being expanded to include the latest in telecommunications theories like Wireless communications, OFDM, Radar & signals & systems areas. Instructors can also utilise the ‘Open Ended’ nature of TIMS by adding their own custom designed modules to demonstrate aspects of telecommunications in their sphere of interest.

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