Statics and Structures

Equipment for Detailed Studies of Static Equilibrium

The statics fundamentals range offers teaching equipment for understanding the core principles required for civil and mechanical engineering disciplines. The range brings theories such as concurrent and non-concurrent coplanar forces, Bow’s notation, equilibrium theory, parabola theory and many more to life. The range consists of a series of modular experiment modules that fit to the essential base unit (Statics Work Panel), which can be mixed and matched to suit teaching requirements.

Equipment for Teaching Basic Structural Principles

The structures range consists of teaching equipment for understanding basic structural principles focusing on beams, bridges and cantilevers for students of mechanical, civil and structural engineering. The 19 desk mounted experiment modules can be used stand alone or with TecQuipment’s powerful Structures Software which provides automatic data acquisition (ADA).  To complement lab learning, experiments can be performed virtually using the software only.

Statics and Structures Labs and Equipment

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