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Engineering Science

Experimental Equipment for Teaching Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering

The engineering science range is a modular system of experimental kits that address the fundamental principles of mechanical engineering including forces and moments; materials testing; vibration, friction and energy; simple machines; and mechanisms. The high quality, robust ‘kits’ are suitable for teaching STEM principles at a beginner level, while remaining relevant for familiarization at a post-graduate level. All the hardware required to do experiments related to a particular topic are contained within a kit. These are presented in a storage tray with a purpose-made insert and checklist to ensure all of the parts are returned at the end of the lab session. Kits can be purchased in any combination, from multiple kits for a whole class to perform the same experiment or a selection of individual kits for demonstrating a variety of different experiments.  TecQuipment also sell purpose built storage trolleys for keeping the kits tidy while protecting them from damage when not in use.

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