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ISO standard Venturi with upstream and throat pressure tappings. For use with TecQuipment’s H40 Flow Meter Calibration unit.


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A popular flow meter for use with TecQuipment’s Flow Meter Calibration unit (H40). It shows the accuracy and use of a venturi flow meter. 

This flow meter quickly and easily fits into place between the adaptors in the base unit of the Flow Meter Calibration unit. The manometers of the calibration unit show the pressure differences at the flow meter and across the overall flow meter assembly. 

A venturi made to ISO (International Standards Organisation) standards allows the user to measure pressures before and after a constriction for a given rate of flow. The venturi shows how standard textbook equations allow you to accurately calculate flow from these pressures, due to the specific design of the venturi.

Learning Outcome

  • Accuracy of venturi flow meters
  • Losses and k value
  • Calculation of the coefficient of discharge

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