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The Shake Table II XY consists of two single-axis Shake Table II units mounted perpendicularly on top of each other. Each stage can travel ±7.6 cm. Driven by powerful motors, the Shake Table II XY can achieve an acceleration of 2.5 g when loaded with a 7.5 kg mass.

Furthermore, you can use the two Shake Table II from the XY configuration for other setups, i.e., serial and parallel, to support larger loads, or perform experiments with asynchronous excitation signals.

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Dual-axis operation
Multiple setup variations (XY, Bridge Simulation)
High-resolution encoders
Cost effective
Easy integration of user-built structures, third-party sensors and actuators
Control using standalone Shake Table software or with QUARC for MATLAB®/Simulink®
Supports scaling and playback of earthquake data
Integrated safety features and limits

  • Structural Dynamics
  • Earthquake Engineering
  • Bandwidth curves
  • Other control topics

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