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The Quanser Mechatronic Systems Board for NI ELVIS III takes students from component-level knowledge of sensors, actuators, and interfacing to a system-level understanding of mechatronics design. Teaching resource topics include inverse kinematics, proportional integral derivative (PID) control, and image processing.

Prepare Students for Engineering Systems Design and Integration

Mechatronic systems are all around us from industrial robot arms and autonomous cars, to home washing machines. Fundamentally, mechatronic systems are a collection of software, mechanical, and electronic subsystems that form a cohesive functional unit. Unfortunately, these type of systems are often either too complex, abstracted, or dangerous to be used for education. The Quanser Mechatronic Systems Board is designed to provide hands-on experience with a complete mechatronic system in a safe, and academically appropriate setting. The system is composed of two DC motors which direct drive a five-bar linkage. At the end of the manipulator linkage is a downward-facing camera. Together these parts allow the user to delve into the operation of a mechatronic system at every level, from motor interfacing all the way to a complete line following autonomous robotic system. Designed exclusively for the NI ELVIS III platform and LabVIEW™, the board also exposes students to industry-grade instrumentation, image processing and control fundamentals.

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