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A mechatronic system must, by its very nature, interface between electronic and mechanical components. When an electronic system manipulates a mechanical component, an actuator is necessary. Due to cost and dynamic constraints, the vast majority of actuators used in mechatronics consist of some form of rotary drive connected to an armature. The Quanser Mechatronic Actuators Board provides hands-on experience controlling and measuring the performance of the four most common actuator types: brushed DC motors, brushless DC motors, stepper motors, and servo motors.

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Four Complete Actuator Systems: Includes a brushed DC motor with linear and PWM amplifiers, brushless DC motor, stepper motor, and servo motor
Open and Customizable: Access and customize all levels of the interfacing and control software using LabVIEW FPGA
Comprehensive Courseware: Includes fully customizable ABET-aligned workbooks, software, and additional resources
Accelerate Discovery: Learn the fundamentals of actuator theory, command, and design considerations

  • Brushed DC motor with speed sensor and current sense
  • Linear and PWM amplifier for brushed DC motor
  • Brushless DC motor with access to Hall-effect sensor data
  • Stepper motor with full, half, wave, and micro stepping configuration
  • PWM-controlled analog servo motor

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