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The Quanser Energy Systems Board for NI ELVIS III provides experiments for system-level concepts of power electronics and energy conversion. Teaching resource topics include converting DC power from wind, solar, and hydroelectric plants into three-phase AC power.

Prepare Students for Energy Systems Engineering Applications

Power electronics have long been a cornerstone topic of electrical and electronic engineering. However, it is often difficult to interact with power systems and signals in a meaningful way because the voltages involved are often dangerously high. The Quanser Energy Systems Board is intended to provide a safe, hands-on introduction to electrical power systems. The board uses scaled down power systems to offer students a reasonable benchtop form factor. Despite the smaller size, the electrical design and dynamics of the circuits and signals involved remain analogous to the larger systems they represent. Designed exclusively for the NI ELVIS III platform and LabVIEW™, the board also exposes students to industry-grade instrumentation, measurement and control fundamentals.


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