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The QNET Mechatronic Actuators board consists of a solenoid, two brushed DC motors, a brushless DC motor, an unipolar stepper motor, and a servo motor. One of the brushed DC motors is commanded through a linear power amplifier, the other is commanded by a PWM amplifier. The solenoid can be used to couple the two brushed DC motors. The brushless DC motor, stepper motor and servo motor are driven by a PWM amplifier. Current sense is used to read the current supplied to each of the motors, the angular position of the motors is measured by photomicrosensors.

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features of dc motor lab trainer

Brushed DC motor nominal input voltage 24 V
Brushed DC motor nominal speed 8700 rpm
Brushless DC motor nominal input voltage 24 V
Brushless DC motor nominal speed 4600 rpm
Stepper motor nominal input voltage 5 V
Stepper motor steps in revolution 24
Servo motor nominal operating voltage 4.8 V – 6 V
Servo motor nominal speed (no load) 0.19 s/60º (4.8 V) – 0.15 s/60º (6 V)
Solenoid nominal operating voltage 6 V
Number of solenoid coil turns 1080
Photomicrosensor typical rising and falling time 4 µs
Photomicrosensor line count per revolution 24

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