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The QNET 2.0 VTOL Board consists of a high air flow DC fan with a safety guard, attached to a solid aluminum arm. An adjustable counterweight is attached on the other end of the arm. This allows the position of the weight to be changed, which in turn affects the dynamics of the system. The arm assembly pivots about a single-ended optical encoder shaft. The encoder measures the angular position of the arm, i.e. the VTOL pitch position.

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High-quality rugged propeller assembly
High air flow fan with safety guard
High-resolution encoder
Built-in amplifier
Protective cover to shield the circuitry

Length from pivot to center of counterweight 72.5 mm
Length from pivot to center of fan 155 mm
Counterwight mass 258 g
Pivot encoder line count 512 lines/rev
Pivot encoder line count in quadrature 2048 lines/rev
Encoder resolution (in quadrature) 0.176 deg/count
Amplifier type PWM
Amplifier peak current 2.5 A
Amplifier continuous current 0.5 A
Amplifier output voltage ± 24 V with 42% duty cycle limit (± 10 V)
Fan rated voltage 24 V
Fan rated speed 11000 rpm
  • Experimental modeling
  • Identifying parameters experimentally
  • Model validation
  • PID control
  • Current control
  • Pitch control
  • Cascade control
  • Actuator dynamics

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