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The QNET 2.0 Rotary Pendulum board consists of a direct-drive DC motor mounted vertically in a
solid aluminum frame and a pendulum suspended on a horizontal axis at the end of an L-shaped arm. The arm is connected to the motor shaft and pivots between ±180 degrees. The control variable is the input voltage to the pulse-width modulated (PWM) amplifier that drives the motor. The output variables are the angle of the pendulum and the angular position of the DC motor, measured by single-ended rotary encoders.

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Durable DC servo motor
Built-in PWM amplifier with linear response
High resolution optical encoders to sense to sense motor and pendulum positions

  • System modeling
  • Parameter estimation
  • State-feedback balance control
  • LQR optimization
  • Non-minimum phase
  • Friction compensation
  • Non-linear swing up control
  • Energy-based control
  • Hybrid control

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