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The QNET 2.0 HVAC board consists of a chamber with a heater and a brushless DC fan. The heater is a PWM voltage-controlled amplifier that generates heat by applying the input voltage to an array of resistors in parallel. Six high accuracy temperature sensors are placed along the heating channel, with additional sensors measure ambient and heating chamber temperatures. Heat is transferred to the sensors by radiation from the heater and by convection from the air stream.

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High air flow DC fan
Direct heat element temperature sensor and six temperature sensors along the chamber
Ambient temperature sensor
PWM amplifier with linear response

Heating element total nominal resistance 29.5 Ω
Heating element total tolerance ± 1%
Heating element maximum power output 19.5 W
Amplifier type PWM
Amplifier peak current 2.5 A
Amplifier continuous current 0.5 A
Amplifier output voltage ± 24 V with 100 % duty cycle
Fan rated voltage 5 V
Fan speed 8,500 rpm
  • Temperature control
  • Relay / on-off control design
  • System modeling
  • Parameter identification
  • Model validation
  • PI control design
  • Saturation and integrator windup
  • Feedback control set-point weighing

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