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The Geomagic Touch haptic device is a robot with six revolute joints, three of which are actuated. The three non-actuated joints are the wrist joints. The three motors can actuate the end-effector – the tip of the stylus – to span the entire X, Y, Z region in its workspace. Position measurement along X, Y, and Z is done using digital encoders while measurement of rotations about these axes (roll, pitch and yaw) is done using potentiometers.

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CE certified Geomagic Touch (formerly Phantom Omni) haptic device
Six-degree-of-freedom positional sensing
Portable design and compact footprint for workplace flexibility
Removable stylus for end-user customization
Two integrated momentary switches on the stylus for ease-of-use, and end-user customization
Wrist rest to maximize user comfort
Constructed of metal components and injection-molded plastics
Stylus-docking inkwell for automatic workspace calibration

Force feedback workspace (W x H x D) 160 mm x 120 mm x 70 mm
Footprint (physical area device occupies on desk) 168 mm x 203 mm
Device mass 1.8 kg
Range of motion hand movement pivoting at wrist
Nominal position resolution > 450 dpi / 0.055 mm
Maximum exertable force at nominal position 3.3 N
Continuous exertable force (24 hrs.) 0.88 N
Stiffness 1.26 N/mm (X axis) / 2.31 N/mm (Y axis) / 1.02 N/mm (Z axis)
Inertia (apparent mass at tip) 45 g
Force feedback x, y, z
Interface USB


  • Forward kinematics and D-H parameters
  • Inverse kinematics
  • Joint level PD and PID control
  • Trajectory planning (joint space vs. task space)
  • Jacobian derivation and application
  • Various “force law” haptic rendering (force fields, hard and soft contacts, etc.)
  • Graphics development using Quanser 3D Viewer

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