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Provides a project-based learning experience using online measurements and practical, embedded design. The NI Engineering Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS) is a modular engineering educational laboratory device developed specifically for academia. With its hands-on approach, educators can help students learn practical, experimental engineering skills. The NI ELVIS includes an oscilloscope, digital multimeter, function generator, variable power supply, Bode analyzer, and other common lab instruments. You can connect a PC to the NI ELVIS using USB and build circuits on its detachable protoboard.

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Key Features


    • Software includes interactive web and desktop soft front panels, instrumentation support for Windows and Mac, API support for LabVIEW and text-based languages, shipping examples, and detailed help files
    • Seven hardware instruments plus control I/O containing 16 AI, 4 AO, and 40 DIO
    • 4-channel, 100 MS/s (400 MS/s single channel), 50 MHz oscilloscope with 14-bit resolution
    • 16-channel, 100 MS/s logic analyzer/pattern generator
    • 16-channel, 1 MS/s analog input with 16-bit resolution
    • 40 DIO lines individually programmable as input, output, PWM, or digital protocols


Project-Based Learning for the Modern Engineer

NI ELVIS is a project-based learning solution that combines instrumentation, embedded design, and web connectivity for engineering fundamentals and system design. It provides a comprehensive teaching solution for engaging students in hands-on labs involving analog circuits, mechatronics, power electronics, instrumentation, digital communications, digital electronics, controls, and more. Each laboratory solution includes lab material and complete experiments developed by experts in industry and education, so students can explore theory in the physical laboratory with a safe, in-depth experience.

With its hands-on approach, NI ELVIS helps educators teach students practical, experimental engineering skills. Built on the concept of teamwork, this solution connects students to their experiments, which enables them to collaborate using the same technology in over 35,000 companies worldwide. It combines the precision and accuracy of seven benchtop instruments with the speed and customization of industrial embedded controllers in one single platform. Students can use its easy, prebuilt interfaces to customize at a level not available in any other educational laboratory equipment.

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