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Standards-Based Source Code to Enable LTE-Based Research

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The LabVIEW Communications LTE Application Framework for the LabVIEW Communications System Design Suite provides a real-time physical layer LTE implementation in open and modifiable source-code form. It is preintegrated and ready to run on NI software defined radio hardware.

The framework complies with a selected subset of the 3GPP LTE Release 10. The supported features were chosen so that the code is simple enough to be modifiable while adhering to the main structure of the LTE standard. This allows wireless researchers to quickly get their real-time prototyping setup running based on the LTE standard, focus primarily on the selected aspects of the protocol that they wish to improve, easily modify the designs, and compare their innovations with the existing standard.

  • SISO configuration with 20 MHz bandwidth TDD and FDD frame structure
  • LTE channel encoding and decoding up to 75 Mbps throughput
  • Control and data channel (PDCCH, PDSCH, and PUSCH)
  • Cell-specific and UE-specific reference signals
  • Ready-to-run UDP video streaming application
  • Support for the FlexRIO PXIe-7975/7976R with FAM 5791 and all USRP RIO devices

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