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A compact, entry-level piece of equipment for visualising flow patterns around weirs and other objects in an open channel. A range of models supplied in the package makes this an ideal product for introducing students to flow visualisation in fluid mechanics.


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The apparatus consists of a robust stainless steel settling tank that reduces turbulence, fl owing into a 15 mm wide flow channel fabricated from transparent acrylic, together with various models, gates, weirs and hydrofoils. The channel is fitted with dye injectors enabling the details of flow to be easily demonstrated and observed through streamlines.

The equipment is designed primarily for use with TecQuipment’s Volumetric Hydraulic Bench (H1F, available separately) which provides the necessary water supply, drain and volumetric flow-measurement facilities. Alternatively, the customer may arrange their own water supply and flow-measurement facilities if desired.

View the Digital Hydraulic Bench flyer here. 

Learning Outcome

  • Visualisation of flow around objects in an open channel
  • Study of flow around submerged sharp-crested weir
  • Study of a broad-crested weir and the effects of changing the profile of the weir (by reversing the block in the channel)
  • Visual demonstration of hydraulic jump
  • Visual demonstration at varying angles of flow around a hydrofoil (both symmetrical and asymmetrical)
  • Visual demonstration of the mixing of two fluids with different densities e.g. warm and cool water, (lock gate experiment)
  • Visual demonstration of the energy released when a block of ice turns
  • Visual demonstration of ice melt in fresh and salt water.

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