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A complete set of TecQuipment’s Engineering Science kits and three Work Panels within a mobile trolley.


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A complete package in Engineering Science experiments. The full set includes the Engineering Science mobile trolley (EST), a full set of TecQuipment’s Engineering Science kits (ES2 to ES19), Work Panels (ES1) and a Spares Kit (ESX). Refer to the separate datasheets for more details on these individual products. 

This Full Set (ESF) allows at least three sets of students to work with any three of the Engineering Science experiments at the same time, while storing the other kits tidily and efficiently. 

Alternatively, lecturers or teachers may set up one experiment as a demonstration on the mobile trolley while two groups of students do experiments at their desks. TecQuipment supplies a Spares Kit (ESX) with the package to help replace the common smaller parts of the kits that may get lost over time. The trolley also includes some empty trays, useful for storing coursework, worksheets or guidance notes.

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