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The Emona Communications Board for NI ELVIS III provides hands-on experiments that develop a comprehensive understanding of advanced analog and digital telecommunication principles. Teaching resource topics inlcude AM and FM modulation/demodulation, ASK, FSK, and QPSK.

A cost effective top-board for NI ELVIS™ III, covering the core topics in a university-level communications systems (transmission theory) lab program.

  • A single panel PCB, which plugs into the NI ELVIS III.
  • Many experiments implemented on ONE panel, replacing 6 or more experiment panels implemented by other “trainer” manufacturers.
  • Student patches together each experiment, using Emona’s well established BLOCK DIAGRAM approach.
  • DxIQ-45G will be supplied as a complete package, with all required accessories.
  • Comprehensive lab manual with detailed experiments.
  • Integration with NI’s web-based ThinkScape experiment delivery platform.

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