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The NI Automated Measurements Board for NI ELVIS III introduces students to the signal chain and how to accurately and consistently acquire sensor data. Teaching resource topics include Nyquist theorem, signal conditioning, and ADC resolution.

There are four main sections on the NI Automated Measurements Board:

  • Electrical fundamentals
  • Signal chain elements
  • Prototyping expansion
  • Pmod expansion

The electrical fundamentals section teaches concepts related to measuring voltage, current, and resistance.

The signal chain elements section teaches circuit elements used to interface with common sensors including excitation, amplification, filtering, and analog to digital conversion.

The prototyping expansion section provides an area for creating custom signal conditioning circuitry, as well as the ability to integrate these custom circuits with the built-in signal conditioning elements.

The Pmod section provides an alternative method for making electrical and physical measurements, with small modules that typically integrate some or all of the necessary signal chain elements required for a particular measurement. The block diagram below illustrates how the sections interact with the NI ELVIS III resources:

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