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Conventional breadboard labs can only do so much, and stop far short of applications of any meaningful complexity. Designed with guidance from renowned author Dr. Adel Sedra, Analog Electronics Labs (AELabs) is an easy to deploy, PCB-based lab platform that takes your students from a single op amp on a breadboard to systems and real applications. Introduce your students to the excitement of analog design and extend the use of your NI ELVIS II+ platform!

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Intro Board
  • Resistor network
  • Voltage divider
  • Series RLC
  • LED color mixing
OpAmp Board
  • Inverting and non-inverting amplifier
  • Difference and summing amplifier
  • Differentiator and integrator
  • Comparator with/without hysteresis
  • Oscillator (astable multivibrator)
  • Buffer (voltage follower)
System Board
  • PWM fan control with heat sensor and monitoring
  • Closed loop temperature control system
  • MOSFET I-V characteristics
  • Two-stage MOSFET amplifier
BJTs Board
  • BJT I-V characteristics
  • BJT in saturation
  • BJT audio amplifier
Diodes Board
  • Diodes I-V characteristics
  • Charge pumps
  • Rectifiers
  • Small signal resistance

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