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Hydro-Electric Turbine

The TecQuipment Hydro-Electric Turbine is a versatile, floor-standing, self-contained apparatus for demonstration of hydro-electricity. It is supplied with five different propellers. The product focuses on exploring the best efficiency point of different propellers and perform energy audits to analyse system performance.

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Steam Turbine

Mobile laboratory-scale steam turbine that demonstrates fundamental thermodynamic principles of energy conversion and mechanical power measurement.

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Subsonic Wind Tunnel 305 mm

A starter set consisting of the Subsonic Wind Tunnel 305 mm (AF1300), Basic Lift and Drag Balance (AF1300z) and a set of Three-Dimensional Drag Models (AF1300j).

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Wind Turbine Dynamics

This is a versatile, compact apparatus for teaching the fundamentals of kinetic wind energy conversion into electrical power. Flexibility is at the core, it has a castor-mounted frame for mobility and functionality and allows students to 3D-print their own blades for advanced experimentation.

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