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Power Electronics Test Solutions

AC/ DC Electronic Loads

AEL-5000 AC/DC Load

• CC, Linear CC, CR, CV, CP and AC Rectifier Load Mode
• Frequency Range : DC, 40~440Hz
• Turbo Mode for 2 Times the Current and Power of Electronic Load within 1 Second

DC Electronic Loads

• PEL-2000B Programmable D.C. Electronic Load

• PEL-5000C High Power Compact DC Load

• PEL-3000E Programmable D.C. Electronic Load

Graphical User Interface – SoftPanel

• Graphical User Interface – SoftPaneI™ – Model 62000E

• Graphical User Interface – SoftPanel Regenerative AC Load Function – Model 61800

• Graphical User Interface – SoftPanel – Model 62000D

Regenerative AC Load

Regenerative AC Load Function – Model 61800 Series

• 61800 series optional function

• Operating voltage: 50-300VLN

• Operating frequency: 30-100Hz

• Support CC rectified mode, CP rectified mode, CR mode, CC phase

AC Electronic Loads

AC and DC Electronic Load – Model 63800 Series

• Power rating: 1800W, 3600W, 4500W

• Parallel/3-Phase function (AC mode only)

• Constant & Rectified load modes for AC loading

DC Electronic Loads

•  High Power DC Electronic Load – Model 63200A Series

• High Power DC Electronic Load (Economical) – Model 63200E Series

• DC Electronic Load – Model 63000 Series

DC Power Supplies

• Programmable DC Power Supply – Model 62000E Series

• Bidirectional DC Power Supply – Model 62000D Series

• DC Power Supply – Model 62000H Series

AC Power Sources

• Regenerative Grid Simulator – Model 61809/61812/61815

• High Performance Programmable AC Power Source – Model 61500 Series

• Programmable AC Power Source – Model 61600 Series

DC Power Supplies

Stemming from the design and manufacture demands of electronic industries, GW Instek offers diverse power supply product lines to meet user’s demand for a variety of applications. Based on different needs, the product lines can be divided into several categories including DC Power Supply, AC Power Source and DC Electronic Load. For DC Power Supply, the products can be briefly categorized by the following types, Programmable or Non-programmable, Single or Multiple Outputs, High Precision or Affordable Price, Dual Range and Wide Combinations of Voltage and Current, which can be selected to meet the application requirements.

AC Power Sources

GW Instek AC Power Sources currently can be divided into three categories. Programmable AC/DC Power Source, Programmable AC Power Source, AC Power Source.