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Passive Component Test Solutions

LCR Meters

GW Instek offers high-precision LCR meters. LCR meter is a type of electronic test equipment used to measure the inductance, capacitance, and resistance of an electronic component.

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Passive Component ATS

• Inductor Bias Current Automatic Test Machine – Model 1871B

• Inductor Test & Packing Machine – Model 1870D Series

• Inductor Layer Short ATS – Model 1871

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Milliohm Tester

Milliohm Tester – Model 16502

• Test signal: DC / pulsed

• Basic accuracy: 0.05%

• Measurement time: 65ms

• Standard RS-232 I/F, optional GPIB & Handler I/F

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Insulation Tester

• Capacitor Leakage Current/IR Meter (CLC/IR Meter) – Model 11200

• Battery Cell Insulation Tester – Model 11210

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Component Test Scanner

Component Test Scanner – Model 13001

• Optional 40ch scan module and slave unit

• Support 8 slots for module plug-in, up to 320ch per unit

• Support 8 slave unit for connecting

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H.F. AC Tester

Programmable HF AC Tester – Model 11802/11803/11805/11890/11891

• Test frequency: 20kHz-200kHz (11802/11890/11891) / 10kHz-200kHz (11805) / 20kHz-1MHz (11803)

• Maximum output power: 500VA

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