Training Equipment for Physics

In recent decades, technical progress has been rapid and innovation cycles have been accelerating, causing enormous change. To prepare young people for the technological challenges of the future, a solid understanding of and familiarity with the physical sciences is imperative.

LD DIDACTIC is your competent and reliable partner for:

  • Solutions for student experiments
  • Individual experiment apparatuses for demonstrations and practicals
  • Complex training systems for university level education
  • Modern measuring instruments with and without computer assistance

Covering the following main topics:

  • Mechanics
  • Heat
  • Electricity/electronics
  • Optics
  • Atomic and nuclear physics
  • Solid-state physics

Student Experiments

Browse an extensive collection of mechanics, heat, electricity, electronics, optics, solid state, atomic and nuclear physics experiments that students can perform.

Demonstration Experiments

 Browse an extensive collection of demonstration experiments to show and explain mechanics, heat, electricity, electronics, optics and radioactivity physical phenomena and principles.

Physics Science Kits

Browse the range of basic and advanced physics science kits by LD Didactic.


Download the physics experiments catalog, with a long list of student and demonstration experiments for school and university students.