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Gantner Instruments

Q. series Classic

The Q.series Classic is the original modern DAQ flavor Gantner offers, featuring Gantner’s best price-to-performance ratio for DIN mount applications, especially at high volume.

Q. series X

Q.series X is Gantner’s cutting-edge DAQ technology used globally for testing and monitoring applications in the mobility, aerospace, civil engineering, oil & gas, and renewable energy sectors.

Q.series X DAQ Modules for Ethernet, CAN and ProfiNet

All Q.series X DAQ systems possess the same measurement capabilities and performance, regardless of form factor.

All electrical, mechanical and thermal parameters can be measured with dedicated Q.series X modules. They can be easily combined and extended. Data streams with different sampling rates can be merged together for efficient post-processing.

Q.series X DAQ Modules for EtherCAT

All Q.series X DAQ systems possess the same measurement capabilities and performance. The main differentiating factor between the XL and XE versions of Q.series X is the Fieldbus communication protocol, which can be interchanged on Q.series X modules using a simple firmware update.

Q.station X

The Q.station X is an intelligent controller that can be combined with Q.series XL modules to form custom Localbus DAQ systems. The Q.station X Controller and Q.series XL measurement modules are designed for industrial and experimental testing

Q.series XE Bus Coupler

The Q.series XE Bus Coupler connects Q.series XE measurement modules designed for industrial and experimental testing to EtherCAT networks. Q.series XE products are exceptionally well suited for performing highly synchronized, multi-channel electrical, mechanical, and thermal signals measurements on engine and component test rigs and long-term process monitoring applications in EtherCAT networks.


Q.monixx is a new addition to the Q.series product family – the ideal edge computing and data logging solution for reliable process control and asset monitoring. The standard I/O configuration for the Q.monixx includes up to eight universal analog inputs, eight digital inputs, four digital outputs, two relay outputs, and eight serial channels for communication. Also included are four data loggers for parallel data acquisition to either local storage or a storage solution for easy accessibility, additional analytics, and detailed diagnostics. You can also host third-party apps on the device.


The Q.core is Gantner’s new product innovation towards a high-performance streaming data architecture for testing & measurement, asset monitoring, and AI applications. Streaming data architectures are frameworks of software components built to process extensive data from multiple sources.


GI.bench is a state-of-the-art data acquisition software environment that combines system setup and configuration, as well as logging and monitoring of multiple data streams in one easy-to-use desktop application. GI.bench enables you to configure, execute, and analyze your testing and monitoring projects on the fly with access to high availability measurement data, anywhere. provides integrated high-resolution measurement, big data analytics, and secure data access and facilitates connectivity, acquisition, and processing of data from distributed measurement devices. The platform combines Gantner’s proven edge-type monitoring and control hardware, an adaptive and scalable cloud backend, a comprehensive user interface, and state-of-the-art APIs.


The complete measuring, signal conditioning, data management, control, visualization, and operation tool for your edge-computing controller. test.con Studio allows graphical programming of application-specific functionalities, which run on the edge in real time.

Gantner DAQ Accessories

Gantner Instruments offers a wide variety of interchangeable components and connectable accessories that will help you take full advantage of the versatility of your Gantner DAQ system.