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Emona TIMS


Using the expertise from many years of manufacturing telecommunications teaching equipment, Emona is now offering the Emona Telecoms-Trainer “ETT101”. The ETT-101 is designed for introductory university courses and technical college labs where telecommunication is first introduced. The ETT-101 is a low cost unit to cater to large student numbers who need to gain a ‘hands-on’ appreciation of telecoms theory at a simple, introductory level.

Emona DxIQ-45G (For ELVIS III)

The Emona Communications Board for NI ELVIS III is an add-on application board for the NI Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite III (NI ELVIS III) developed to teach introductory digital and analog communications topics. The Emona Communications Board for NI ELVIS III offers students the opportunity to build, measure, and experiment with communications systems that are commonly only theorized in textbooks, including various modulation schemes, superheterodyne topology, restoring recovered data, and more communications architecture topics.