Multisim for Education

Multisim™ for Education is circuits teaching application software for analog, digital, and power electronics courses and laboratories. Visualize circuits and reinforce theory with simulated instruments, advanced analyses, and thousands of interactive components.

What Can You Do With Multisim™ for Education?

Multisim™ software¬†empowers educators to teach circuits in a way that maximizes student learning and real-world preparedness. Explore the subjects below to see how Multisim™ can improve your program.

Analyze Circuit Behavior

Simulated benchtop instruments and advanced analyses in Multisim™ lend a thorough understanding of circuit behavior, which reinforces textbook theory.

Teach Electronics

As a learning tool, Multisim™ connects abstract theory to concrete signals through intuitive design, interactive simulation, and seamless hardware integration.

Drive Reinforce Theory by Comparing Real and Simulated Signals Collaboration

Multisim™ embraces the need to take a hands-on approach to engineering education.

Teach Digital Logic and Deploy It to Hardware