Mining & Cement

Remote job sites, harsh environments, and small reliability teams challenge equipment operation and uptime. Online condition monitoring technologies help maintenance engineers find, diagnose, and prioritize problems from an entire fleet, while smart automation systems achieve optimal operation of heavy machinery.

Monitoring, Testing & Controlling Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment is even more difficult to maintain when it’s halfway around the globe, moving, or both. Downtime means delays and possibly fines. It takes planning and logistics to get the right crew on-sight with the right measurement or repair equipment. Preventive maintenance software helps you avoid logistical stress and profit loss by putting the right data in the hands of the expert, all while preparing your business for the future of analytics, machine learning, and predictive maintenance. Are you ready for the new way forward?

Monitoring the Gearbox of a Bucket-Wheel Excavator

The Challenge: Predicting parts failure in the bevel planetary gearbox of a bucket-wheel excavator power transmission system. The Solution: Developing a rugged condition monitoring system to monitor various parameters of the gearbox.

Mining Jaw Crusher Automation

The Challenge: Designing and deploying a mining jaw crusher intelligent drive and control system with haul truck traffic and safety dumping procedure management functionality. The Solution: Using the flexibility of the myRIO platform for environmental specifications to design a robust and compatible system in a short time period.

Monitoring of Electromechanical Shovels for Open-Pit Mining

The Challenge: Developing a highly specialized continuous monitoring system for electromechanical mining shovels to enable a predictive maintenance strategy for these critical machines. The Solution: Creating a fully functional, tailor-made vibration and stress continuous monitoring system using the NI CompactRIO platform and NI LabVIEW software.

Test System for a Heavy Duty Mine Boring Machine

The Challenge: Building a system to test various mine boring machines to assure the quality of the machine and obtain machine characteristic parameters. The Solution: Using NI platforms to develop a testing device that measures crucial machine and process values, enables diverse testing modes, and monitors a testing process, the testing machine control, and data protocol composition.

Monitoring Load Movement in Large SAG Mills

The Challenge: Building a user-friendly, flexible measuring instrument for industrial use that gives the semiautogenous grinding (SAG) mill control system an indication of the positioning of the load cataract through counting and classification of impacts to the mill. The Solution: Using NI LabVIEW to program an algorithm for audio analysis, which detects, classifies, and displays the impacts of bodies (steel balls and rocks) inside the mill, and that operates on an NI PXI computer with an acquisition board for eight simultaneous channels and another for digital communication.


InsightCM is application software for condition monitoring with full access to waveforms, multiple sensor technology inputs, and enterprise software connectivity. You can use this flexible technology to monitor a larger percentage of your asset mix and drive predictive maintenance programs.