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Emona specialises in the marketing and sales of electronic and electrical test and measuring instrumentation, fault finding equipment, E/EPROM programmers, development and circuit simulation software, process control measuring instrumentation, power and electrical measuring instruments and technical education products.


The EMONA Group of companies was established by Alfred (Fred) Breznik in 1979. Since 1987, EMONA has also been involved in R & D and manufacturing of TIMS, a telecommunications teaching system for use in universities and teaching institutions. This product has been well received and has proven its success by serving tens of thousands of students in 50 countries on every continent, including USA, Australia, Korea, Taiwan, England, Italy, Turkey and Mexico.


All existing texts and course material which use block diagrams, the universal language of telecommunications are directly applicable to TIMS. The experiment manuals supplied with TIMS provide a rich source of teaching resources, from introductory to advanced laboratory coursework.

The TIMS Labsheets provide a library of over 160 concise experiments, covering the fundamentals of many key telecommunications topics which can be used either directly by students or by professors to prepare their own material.

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