Electrical Engineering

Go beyond the breadboard

With Quanser Electrical Engineering lab solutions, you can give your students hands on experience with EE concepts that far exceed the limitations of breadboards and banana cables.


Analog Electronics

Analog circuits, including semiconductors, amplifiers, and filters remain central to the operation of all electronic systems. Even in our current engineering climate of overwhelmingly digital solutions, analog circuits are still relevant. Quanser, together with Illuster Technologies have created a comprehensive lab that teaches the fundamentals and importance of analog electronics. With AELabs, students can configure, observe, and experiment with complex analog circuits such as MOSFET amplifiers.

Embedded Systems

In recent years, embedded microcontroller systems have become increasingly common and accessible. However fully leveraging these products requires an understanding of the low-level operation of microcontroller systems which is not easily acquired. Teaching these concepts in a way which protects hardware from damage due to human error, while allowing for maximum flexibility presents a unique challenge. Furthermore, a focus on real-world embedded targets demands knowledge of object-oriented programming languages. Quanser leverages the NI ELVIS platform and the intuitive visual programming environment of LabVIEW to allow students to control low-level functions of a PIC microcontroller. Students can then learn how to leverage interface protocols to interact with digital systems using a proven, robust hardware implementation.

Power Electronics

As the growth of green power leads to ever more complex power systems, the demand for knowledge
about energy systems is poised to grow in the near future. Traditional power electronics labs
have always focused on large format industrial hardware operating at high voltage. These systems
are simply not accessible or safe enough for students to get the hands-on experience they need
with power systems and circuits. In partnership with National Instruments, Quanser is changing
the way students experience power electronics. With a fully integrated lab-bench power system
operating at safe voltages, Quanser is paving the way for a new kind of electronics lab.

Electrical Engineering Labs and Equipment

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