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Software Defined Test & Measurement

With the rapid inflection of technology in today’s modern industrial products – software-defined automated test & measurement solutions based on the PXI modular platform & supporting modern software paradigms – are essential to keep up with the complexity of test, reduced budgets and project times by re-using test IP, assets and allowing for future upgradeability.

Opal-RT Whitepaper

Key Considerations When Selecting Amplifiers for your Power Hardware-in-the-Loop (PHIL) Testbed

This whitepaper will help you select component technologies for a Power Hardware-in-the-Loop System

Automated Test Solutions

High-Volume Production Test

Production test leaders need a smarter alternative to traditional automated test equipment (ATE) to meet cost and coverage requirements of increasingly complex RF and mixed-signal ICs.

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PCB System-Level Power Tests

Power validation and firmware engineers need to characterize and validate power consumption over a variety of operating states such as sleep, idle, and transmit. Investing in an automated test approach eliminates repetitious manual steps and improves repeatability.

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Design Verification & Validation

Design V&V of modern devices often includes testing wireless standards, electrical signals, sensor measurements, and more for test types such as performance characterization, power consumption, life cycle testing, functional test, and firmware testing.

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