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Aerospace, Defense & Government

We provide solutions on open, flexible, modular, off-the-shelf platforms for greater automation, digitization, use of outsourcing, and improved asset management. Embracing Digital Transformation, we help our customers in this industry deliver their operational vision of high reliability, reduced and managed risk, improved efficiency and cost reduction.

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Industry Solutions

Aerospace, Defense and Government

Aerospace & Defense Solutions Brochure from NI


Large Scale Experimental Research

Large scale scientific research experiments such as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN require highly advanced leading edge Instrumentation and CODAC (Control & Data Acquisition) technologies. Leveraging the open and flexible, modular and open-platforms from NI allows the world’s scientists to progress human discovery through leading edge science.

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Aircraft Component Structural Testing

Physical testing of structural components and systems is a critical component of the modern Aviation Industry. High channel count data-acquisition systems capable of making mixed-signal measurements together with strain, vibration and load are crucial to these tests. 

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