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Whether in the classroom or the lab, today’s students and researchers are looking to increase their rate of discovery and build solutions faster.

Whatever your needs, we have the right solution

You design your next project or you are searching for the optimal way to overcome an existing challenge. You would like to enhance your STEM laboratory or you are in the process of designing an engineering program from scratch. You may want to built a lab by sourcing equipment from a number of different suppliers or get an exotic device and need a supplier to organize purchasing and delivery. Whatever your need, we have a solution that will accomplish your task.

Accelerate Discovery With the NI Platform

Researchers are driving time-critical, ambitious innovation while addressing grand engineering challenges in the broad areas of transportation, wireless communications, medicine, energy and climate change. Across each of these application areas, researchers need to easily acquire measurements, scale to complex multidisciplinary systems, and rapidly prototype a scalable solution. NI is central to accelerating researcher innovation by providing the technology and support to prototype systems, publish findings and secure funding.

NI Elvis

The NI Engineering Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS) Engineering Lab Workstation provides a project-based learning experience using online measurements and practical, embedded design.

Teaching Resources

Engineering educators are preparing students to design the systems that will tackle the world’s grand challenges. This requires engaging, hands-on curriculum that inspires students and puts theory into practice. Browse NI’s portal to find open-ended projects and ABET-aligned laboratories to accelerate student discovery in key topics and application areas.

Solutions for Engineering Curiccula

Topics in engineering courses vary widely from elementary to the sophisticated and integrating project-based learning into each can be a monumental undertaking involving months of research, emails, and meetings. Simplify your proposal by preparing with National Instrument’s recommended solutions for each class, comparing the benefits of each recommendation to make a fully informed decision.

Access Instructor's Resources

You can request access instructor access to obtain resources like solution manuals and complete LabVIEW code that students cannot access.

Shop for Academic Products by NI

Visit our National Instrument’s academic section on our online shop and see the most popular items. The entire NI academic portfolio can be found on here.

World Leaders in Academic Solutions

We distribute some of the world leading suppliers of academic solutions. Our portfolio covers most of the engineering principles, like electrical, mechanical, civil, mechatronics, aerospace), as well as STEM (physics, chemistry and biology).

Additionally, we work with a large number of specialized suppliers to provide one-off and multi-supplier sourcing services,  to better fulfill the needs of your laboratory.


Quanser is the global standard in transformational engineering labs for Controls, Robotics, and Mechatronics, optimized for the academic setting.

TecQuipment offers solutions for the practical teaching of engineering principles, covering aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, engines, control engineering, process control, materials testing, environmental control, thermodynamics, structures, theory of machines and engineering science.

LD DIDACTIC provides laboratories for secondary schools, vocational colleges, technical colleges, universities and on-the-job training. It specializes in physics, chemistry, biology and engineering education.

Emona manufactures the TIMS telecommunications teaching system for use in universities and teaching institutions, serving tens of thousands of students in 50 countries on every continent.

Ettus Research™, a National Instruments brand, is the world’s leading supplier of software defined radio platforms, including the USRP™ family of products.

Digilent Inc. is a leading electrical engineering products company serving students, universities, and OEM’s worldwide with technology-based educational design tools.

Bitlismen is a National Instruments Alliance Partner that builds educational laboratory solutions for IoT, power and water management.

RAFA Solutions is a systems integrator company specializing in Smart Machines and data acquisition/control systems. It provides Robust and Flexible Advanced Solutions for machinery control and automation.

GW Instek is a supplier of bench top instruments, including osilloscopes, multi meters, function generators, power supplies, with some dedicated educational solutions for engineering and science laboratories.


We offer a wide selection of labs for engineering and science, complete with curriculum and teaching methods for teaching, research and on-the-job training.


NI Curricula

Browse a large collection of lab curricula by National Instruments, to satisfy the teaching requirements of every modern engineering and science program.